12 Reservation Hours/Month

One Adult Only



30 Reservation Hours/Month

One Adult Only

FAMILY w/ Minors


16 Reservation Hours/Month

2 Adults, 5 Minors


Visit the Hardesty Center for Fab Lab Tulsa (710 S Lewis Ave Tulsa, OK 74104) T-TH 11am-8pm or F-SA 11am-6pm to purchase a lab membership in person.  Memberships are not sold online.


Fab Lab Tulsa offers Family Memberships as a pathway for minors to experience the lab.  Family Memberships must include families with minors and only the parents and legal guardians of the minors (less than 18 years old) listed in the membership.  A parent or guardian included on the Family Membership must accompany their minor(s) for the duration of all lab visits and classes.


New members are required to attend mandatory safety and instruction classes prior to using Fab Lab Tulsa’s facility.  Members will reserve seats in safety and instruction classes with Fab Lab Tulsa’s online scheduling tools.  All members have the ability to place online machine reservations within daily/monthly limits.  Members may use unreserved machines at will outside of their reservation limits.

Fab Lab Tulsa, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) public charity qualified by the IRS to receive tax deductible contributions (EIN 30-0638130).  Memberships constitute charitable donations to Fab Lab Tulsa, Inc. and provide essential operating funds for Fab Lab Tulsa, Inc. and its non-profit mission.  Memberships may be deductible to the extent that they exceed the fair market value of any goods and services received subject to IRS rules and regulations.

New memberships are minimum twelve month subscriptions, billed monthly or annually, are non-refundable, and non-transferrrable. Fab Lab Tulsa, Inc. will automatically electronically bill the member/patron once each month for monthly subscriptions. After twelve months, the member/patron will be billed month-to-month for ongoing membership benefits or may cancel his/her membership after that time.


Fab Lab Tulsa’s General Privacy Policy may be viewed here.


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A deeper view allows for the definition of learning goals, at a level as detailed as the user wishes, and provides a precise ability to define and measure progress